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Native Filipino dishes are slowly reaching global status in spite of the fact that it is more often largely misunderstood and taken for granted by the rest of the world. Taking after the statement of food writer, the late Andrew Zimmern, “If there was a great chef executing Filipino food at a high level, everyone else would line up behind them.”, our food is finally living out what it means to be the next big thing when it comes to global popularity.

More and more people are finding great reasons why it is a must to eat native Filipino dishes. Here are some of the reasons why:

Rich Gastronomy

The Filipino cuisine is blessed with the abundance of influences, flavors and ingredients. Known as the original fusion cuisine, a taste of the Filipino food is a celebration of its uniqueness and the mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese, Malay and Hispanic flavors.

 Suitable for Health Regimens

While some Filipino food may be meat-centric and not so vegetarian-friendly, it is mostly free of dairy or gluten. This makes it more fitting for a number of health regimens.

Prevailing Tanginess

One proof is having vinegar as a condiment in contrast to the Western sauces that are usually made up of redundant fat and sodium. Whether it’s our adobo braised with soy sauce and vinegar or the tamarind rich base of our sinigang soup, sourness is undeniably the prevailing flavor in our food.

Home-Style and Served Family-Style Dishes

Although sometimes perceived as going against the standard operating procedures of restaurants, home-style and served family-style native Filipino dishes smoothly ushers it to the rising trend of communal dining and plate-sharing.

There is more to Filipino food than meets the eye. A taste of it is like relishing its historicity and embracing the context of culture, religion, politics and trade that make up the Filipino cuisine.

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