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Backed up with a rich and intricate cultural history, it is no surprise for Filipino dishes to be labeled as unique. Known as the original fusion cuisine by the rest of the world, our food continues to baffle many when it comes to our taste and palate preferences.

Unique as it may seem, the perception is slowly beginning to change as more and more have been satisfying their curiosity with regards to our dishes. Unknown to many, Google searches for “Filipino food” has doubled since 2012 as reported earlier this year by Bloomberg. However, the question still remains as to why many find our Filipino cuisine unique.

For one, Filipino dishes are unique as it draws inspiration from several influences. Our food reflects the Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Western and Pacific Islander flavors developed during our many years of colonization. Beliefs and viewpoints in the preparation of the food were largely influenced with intermingling with the Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and Hindu cultures. Add to this the mix and match that happens when it comes to ingredients and methods used in cooking, describing our food in a line or two becomes a real challenge.

Secondly, our food is full of flavors, colors and delicious aroma. The range of diversity is quite broad from sweet to sour to salty. Letting each flavor have its own way without having to blend together and yet resulting to dishes that have that salty, sweet and tangy taste. Filipino dishes are very colorful combined with vegetables, seafood, lean meat and many more. It’s like having a full and colorful sensory experience with each meal.

Drawing from a rich cultural history and the diversity of flavors, aroma and color that make up the Filipino cuisine, it is sure to bring to the table a one of a kind experience.

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