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The beachfront strip of Takapuna offers the widest choice of bars, restaurants, fast foods, and cafes to satisfy your palate. Expect the best dishes from the fresh produce from both land and sea,complemented with the finest wines made in New Zealand. Given that, you end up always getting the best from your Takapuna dinner. Here are some ways to get so much more:

Choose By Food/Cuisine

Name it and you’ll find it here. From A-Z, whatever type of cuisine you want, you are sure to find a restaurant that offers it. Are you more inclined to trying Asian cuisine? How about European dining? Takapuna has a wide range of dishes all over the world that you can choose from.

Choose According to Your Occasion

Your occasion matters too. Are you going out on a special date? Or are you dining casually with friends? Or are you simply in the mood to try something new? It’s just a matter of deciding what you want and the kind of place that will set the mood for your occasion. A café, a bar or a restaurant? There are a number of places for fine dining too.

Choose What Fits Your Budget

You don’t have to get stuck with pricey, high-end food places in Takapuna. You can find restaurants, cafes and fast foods that offer cheap eats to moderately priced food and still enjoy the fresh produce that Takapuna is well known for.

Enjoy the beach and the post card perfect scenery. And while you’re at it, let your friends and loved ones get the best Takapuna dinner in restaurants, cafes, bars and fast foods. Whatever suits your palate, occasion or pocket, remember you’re in a place that has it all and everything is just a matter of choice.

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